Are You Addicted To Your Mobile Phone?

There’s nothing more annoying than having a conversation with someone who is always checking their phone. You’re mid-sentence and bam! Their phone’s out again. You don’t know whether to finish what you’re saying or if you should wait until you have their undivided attention. We all know someone guilty of this, be it a brother, a sister, a friend or even a colleague. If you’re sat there saying you don’t know anyone like that… is that because it’s you?!

Here at Protect Your Gadget, we decided to create a quiz which discovers whether or not you’re addicted to your mobile phone. You’ll answer a series of intriguing questions and scenarios which will be used to determine whether you can be classed as a nomophobe. What’s a nomophobe (we hear you say)?! Well, a nomophobe is someone who has a fear of being without cellular phone contact. You know, the type of person who can’t leave the house without their phone, who checks it just in case it went off and who cries when battery percentages get “dangerously” low.

If you’d like to discover whether you’re a nomophobe take our “Are You Addicted To Your Mobile Phone” quiz here! Feel free to share it with friends and family, maybe you’ll be able to shine a light on just how much of a nomophobe certain friends and family really are!