What’s the best way to protect your gadgets when you’re at a festival?

Whether you’re reveling at Reading or glamping at CarFest, there are few things to keep in mind when taking gadgets to festivals.

Festivals are a bit like marmite; you either love them or hate them.

But it seems that more and more of us love them; according to research over 10 million of us will swap our summer holidays for camping in a muddy field.

As you’re planning for your weekend away, insurance will probably be the last thing on your festival list after wellies and hand sanitizer.

But covering your gadgets when you’re at a festival is essential. We’ll take tech worth £593 million away with us this year, so you should make sure it’s protected from theft, accidental damage and loss.

Almost a quarter (24%) of adults who’ve been to a festival in the past have damaged (22%), lost (19%) or had a phone stolen (15%).

To help you keep your gadget secure, we’ve thought of a few ways to protect them this festival season.

Should I just leave valuables at home?

You shouldn’t be put off taking your smartphone and other gadgets along with you. It’s simply a case of keeping a close eye on them, and ensuring you’re protected.

Whether you’re camping at Creamfields and Leeds or heading off to the mountains of Wales to pitch up at Festival No 6 or Green Man, you’ll no doubt want to document the weekend; Fuzzy pictures of far off bands, eccentric costumed-performers and of course selfies of your glittered-covered face.

After all, once you’re home and showered your pictures might be the only way you remember the whole weekend…

Carrying your valuables vs leaving them in your tent

When it comes to things like a wallet and your phone, consider investing in a money belt. It might not be stylish, but it’ll certainly stop any pickpockets and will prevent your phone from falling out of your pocket when you’re in a crowd.

If you are considering leaving possession if your tent you could attach a lock to it, but some contend that this actually attracts attention and doesn’t prevent theft.

However, if a thief sees a lock they might skip your tent and target another one that’s easier to access. Whatever you do, locking your tent won’t make a difference should you need to make a claim on your insurance.

Alternatively, consider using the secure lockers provided at the festival. These are great places to put any cash or medication, as you can visit them daily to get what you need.

Get the right insurance

Whatever happens to your possessions at a festival – and a lot can happen – it doesn’t matter if you have the right protection.

When assessing your options for insuring your smartphone and other gadgets, consider any cover you already have, for example through a packaged bank account, premium credit card or home insurance.

As the cost of festivals in the UK has increased, more and more of us have started heading off to Primavera in Spain or Airwaves in Iceland to get more bang for our buck. If you’re going abroad, you’ll need travel insurance. This may provide cover for a limited amount of your possessions, but be sure to check the policy wording.

Gadget insurance

Whatever gadgets you’re planning on taking, ask yourself whether you could be without them or afford to replace them in the event they’re lost or stolen. If the answer is ‘no’, you need gadget cover.

As well as covering you if you’re targeted theft, gadget cover can also offer accidental damage cover and a replacement within 48-hours.

Along with the standard cover, gadget insurance can also offer an extended warranty, worldwide cover, cracked screen replacement and a lower payable excess than if you claimed under home insurance.

There are lots of different gadget insurance policies with varying levels of cover, so choose the right one for you based on your needs. If you’re confused, read the terms and conditions thoroughly before pitching up and rocking out.

BOX : Four bits of essential festival tech

If you really can’t live without your tech, here are four things to take that’ll improve your weekend:

A portable speaker

When the music has ended but the party hasn’t, crack out a portable speaker. Check the rules around personal music before leaving, as some festivals discourage it.

A battery pack

Gone are the days when you were forced to visit the charging tent in order to keep your phone alive, or turn it off to eke out battery life. A good portable charger can set you back £30, but they’re worth their weight in gold when it’s 3am and you’ve lost all your friends.

A waterproof case

No insurance in the world can protect against the British summertime. A waterproof case will protect your phone as you insist on taking countless photos of unrecognizable bands from the back of the crowd.

A fitness tracker

From campsite to main stage, main stage to food stalls, food stalls to bar, bar back to main stage going to a festival means lots and lots of walking. Keeping track of your steps will give you a smug sense of satisfaction, and fool you into thinking you’ve cancelled out all those pints.