• No More
    Oh No! Moments

    You can't always keep your gadgets safe, but you can get cover against those Oh No! moments.

    Protect My Gadget
  • For Moments Of
    Mobile Mischief

    Mobile insurance to protect against those Oh No! moments.

    Protect My Mobile
  • Say Oh Wow! To
    Multi-Gadget Deals

    Cover up to 10 gadgets for the whole family. At home, at school and overseas. Wowzers.

    Protect My Gadgets

Here for those Oh No! Moments

  • Protect against Loss, Damage & Theft

    Select the level of cover that meets your needs
  • Travel & Overseas

    Peace of mind when sand gets in all sorts of awkward places
  • Cover for Students & Family Members

    Cover for the whole family, at home and away
  • Protect multiple gadgets on one policy

    Cover one gadget or ten. The choice is yours

Why Protect Your Gadget?

We are unique, that's why. We have extensive knowledge of the mobile phone and gadget insurance market, and we're pretty proud of that. Whether you've got an iPhone, a PlayStation or five kids all with iPads, you've come to the right place.

We get that buying insurance is boring, and you probably begrudge it. That's why at Protect Your Gadget we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your phones and gadgets covered before guiding you through the purchase process to great cover.

Food for thought: in today's digital world, we don't just rely on tech - we depend on it. Your smartphone is your calendar, your camera, as well as actually being a device you can make phone calls from - we know, shocking right!? Yet, our digital friends seem to be the last on the pecking order when it comes to insurance. They get lost, smashed, dropped, dunked, stolen and (occasionally) drop kicked, so let us, the experts at Protect Your Gadget, help - yes, you've guessed it - Protect Your Gadgets!

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