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Top of the range tech like the MacBook needs top of the range insurance - without the top of the range premium. Don't worry, we can handle that.

Here for those Oh No! Moments


    All that beautifully powerful, beautifully designed tech comes at a price. A price you only want to fork out for the once, right?

    Knocking half a cup of coffee over your MacBook is enough to cause a catastrophe. What's that? Yep, that goes for vodka, too.

    MacBooks are portable, but they don't bounce (don't be tempted to test!) - damage can be devastating!

    Overheating, blank screens, malfunctions. No fun to be had here, folks.

Why Protect your MacBook?

Anyone who owns an Apple MacBook will know it’s a very handy piece of kit. And you’ll also know that it’s a relatively pricey piece of kit.

And top of the range tech equipment deserves top of the range insurance – without a top of the range cost.

All that beautifully powerful, beautifully designed tech comes at a price. A price you only want to fork out for the once, right?

And that’s where we come in. Our Apple MacBook insurance will allow you to enjoy your MacBook knowing that you’re covered for those ‘Oh no’ moments.

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Common Questions

  • 1.Why do I need MacBook insurance?

    Because, we’re human beings, and human beings sometimes do silly things – like spilling coffee all over the keyboard or like dropping it in transit.

    Considering a new one will cost £899 for the cheapest model, you don’t want to have to buy a new one. Surely, it’s better to part with a bit of money, than be completely out of pocket by forking out for another one.

    For this reason, buying specialist Apple MacBook insurance makes sense.

  • 2.What does Apple MacBook insurance cover?

    Our Apple MacBook insurance has key benefits, including:

    • Accidental Damage cover including Liquid Damage: For those times you accidentally get your Apple MacBook wet (because you spilt your drink all over the keys, for example)
    • Overseas travel: where you go, your Apple MacBook can go too.
    • Mechanical breakdown: if you get the dreaded black screen. (Eek. perish the thought).
  • 3.Are there different levels of cover?

    Yes, we want to make life as easy as possible for you so, depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose from three difference policy levels.

    Protect: Accidental Damage, Mechanical Breakdown, £250 accessory cover, 60 days worldwide cover (per trip)

    Protect Plus: Accidental Damage, Mechanical Breakdown, Theft, £250 Accessory cover, 90 days worldwide cover (per trip), Unauthorised usage (£2500), E-Wallet protection £500

    Protect Premium: Accidental Damage, Mechanical Breakdown, Theft, Loss, £250 Accessory Cover, 120 Days worldwide cover (per trip), Unauthorised usage (£2500), E-Wallet Protection £500.

    You can buy MacBook insurance as a single policy or, if you have lots of gadgets within the household, you might want to consider a bundle policy.

  • 4.What is multi-gadget insurance?

    Multi-device insurance provides cover for multiple specified gadgets. The gadgets can be owned or used by just yourself, or immediate family living at the same address - at home or away

    Multi-gadget policies are ideal for families with children who use their gadgets on school trips, or where the children are students living away from home.

    Cover is included as standard for immediate family including those under 18.

  • 5.How many gadgets are covered with multi-gadget insurance?

    If you want to insure your MacBook under the multi-gadget insurance, you can, but the maximum number of gadgets permitted on a policy is 10 .With the bundle policy, each item must be £1,500 or lower.

  • 6.What gadgets are included under gadget insurance?

    For the purpose of this policy a gadget can be any one of the following items:

    • Mobile Phones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops and PC’s (including Custom Built)
    • Digital Cameras
    • PC Monitors
    • MP3 Players
    • Games Consoles
    • Video Cameras
    • Camera Lenses
    • Bluetooth Headsets
    • Satellite Navigation Devices
    • PDAs
    • E-Readers
    • Head/Ear Phones
    • Smart Watches
    • Fitness Trackers
    • Virtual Reality Headsets

    If there are any other gadgets that you would like to insure that we don’t currently list, please contact us and we will see if we can assist.

  • 7.Is my MacBook covered worldwide?

    While taking your MacBook on holiday means you won’t be able to escape the worry of your work emails, the good news is that you can still holiday without worrying that you are not covered by your MacBook insurance.

    With our worldwide cover, you can go abroad as many times as you want in a year as long as you return to the UK between trips. So, if you go to Spain one month, return home and then jet off to Greece the next, you are not only very lucky but covered too. However, if you are going on an extended break for eight months, you’re not.

  • 8.Who can take out MacBook insurance?

    You must be a UK resident aged 18 years or over to take out a gadget insurance policy through Protect Your Gadget. MacBook owners under the age of 18, that live in the same household as the policy holder, will need a parent or other carer to purchase a policy on their behalf.

Make sure your Apple MacBook is backed up.

It's not all about insurance and money. For most people the most valuable thing about their device is not the physical device itself but the data that's on it

Protecting this needn't cost you any money at all – as long as you frequently back up your music, files, photos, videos, contacts and other data. Consider cloud storage options for your data as well as physical backups such as hard disk drives.

You Get Covered.
They Get Connected.

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