Nintendo Switch Insurance

Here for those Oh No! Moments


    Press. Press. Press Press Press...Nothing.
  • A spilt drink can mean game over

    A zombie battle zone is a walk in the park compared to the destruction of liquid damage.

    No sound can be a gamechanger (or ender).

    Overheating, blank screens, malfunctions. No fun to be had here, folks.

Why protect your Nintendo Switch?

Whether you’re an Nintendo Switch fan or a retro Nintendo Wii fan, we all know these little bundles of fun get a hell of a bashing. With a brand new Nintendo Switch OLED bundle costing £300, it makes sense to insure them against theft, loss or damage.

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Common Questions

  • 1.Why should I insure my Nintendo Switch?

    In today's digital world, we have all come to rely on our gadgets. And, if you enjoy gaming on your Nintendo Switch, you probably would feel a bit lost without it.

    And, let's face it, you've probably dropped it, bashed it, accidentally misplaced it and left it in someone's car and then wondered how you will ever have gaming fun again.

    If this rings a bell, insurance for a Nintendo Switch means you would be covered if it got lost, damaged or stolen.

    Forking out a few pounds a month sounds a better option than shelling out another few hundred for a new Nintendo Switch, right?

  • 2.How do I buy Nintendo Switch insurance?

    If you decide to buy insurance for your Nintendo Switch, there are three levels of cover you can chose from:

    Protect: Accidental Damage, Mechanical Breakdown, £250 accessory cover, 60 days worldwide cover (per trip)

    Protect Plus: Accidental Damage, Mechanical Breakdown, Theft, £250 Accessory cover, 90 days worldwide cover (per trip).

    Protect Premium: Accidental Damage, Mechanical Breakdown, Theft, Loss, £250 Accessory Cover, 120 Days worldwide cover (per trip).

    Cover is available to safeguard your Nintendo Switch as one item of significant value or you can opt for a household bundle policy which covers a range of items.

    Protect Your Gadget offers a multi-gadget policy which could include your Nintendo Switch and all the other gadgets you own, like Kindles, smartphones, iPads and other tablets.

  • 3.What is multi-gadget insurance?

    Multi-device insurance provides cover for multiple specified gadgets, including Nintendo Switch. The gadgets can be owned or used by just yourself or immediate family members.

    Multi-gadget policies are ideal for families with children who use their gadgets on school trips, or where the children are students living away from home.

  • 4.How many gadgets are covered with multi-gadget insurance?

    If you want to insure your Nintendo Switch under the multi-gadget insurance from Protect Your Gadget, you can but the maximum number of gadgets permitted on a policy is 10.

  • 5.Will the Nintendo Switch be covered if it's damaged on a school trip?

    Yes. Immediate family cover is standard with our Protect product.

  • 6.Do I need insurance if my Nintendo Switch is still under warranty?

    The Nintendo Switch comes with 24 months coverage under the manufacturer's warranty as standard but it can't be extended. The warranty will cover any manufacturing or workmanship defects that affects the hardware. Like most limited warranties, it does not cover accidental physical damage such as a cracked screen or liquid damage.

  • 7.Who can take out Nintendo Switch insurance?

    You must be a UK resident aged 18 years or over to take out a gadget insurance policy through Protect Your Gadget. PlayStation owners under the age of 18, that live in the same household as the policy holder, will need a parent or other carer to purchase a policy on their behalf.

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