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It's a risky business being a Nikon. From bridezillas to screaming babies, irate celebrities to tearful prom queens, and to top it off there's loss, theft and damage. Fortunately those three we can help you with.

Here for those Oh No! Moments


    They cost a wedge, those Nikons. Would you want to stump up your hard-earned for a replacement?

    Constantly clicking? Nikons take a hell of a bashing to get the perfect pic.

    Don't assume you'll never have your Nikon nicked.

    Popping lenses on and off can lead to some cracking shots. Literally.


It's the favoured camera brand of photographers the world over. Nikon are 100 years old, and it's not hard to see why their products stand the test of time. With a range of cameras to suit any person's style of photography and level of skill, you won't find many suitcases or travel bags without them.

Whether you're hiking the Annapurna Pass or day-tripping it to a national park, Nikon cameras are the go-to for taking those detailed, breathtaking shots that we go home and bore our mates with.

Inevitably, travelling around with a camera can lead to a fair bit of wear of tear, as well as increasing your risk of loss and theft. As the only gadget insurance comparison website in the UK that provides an impartial service, we're here to help you find a Nikon camera insurance policy that's tailored to your individual needs, whichever Nikon you have, however much it cost and however extreme your passions in life. Oh, and if you do give us a go and you're happy with the results, do feel free to bore your mates with exactly how you got the money shot.

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Common Questions

  • 1.Why should I use Protect Your Gadget to find Nikon DSLR insurance?

    Protect Your Gadget is the only direct online comparison service operating within the field of camera insurance in the UK. We search the camera insurance market to find you the deal that best suits you and your budget. With access to many providers, who are competing against each other in an emerging market, Protect Your Gadget not only helps you compare the best rates around in one easy hit, but also guides you through the cover purchase process too.

  • 2.Who can take out camera insurance?

    You must be a UK resident aged 18 years or over to take out a Nikon camera insurance policy through Protect Your Gadget. Gadget owners under the age of 18 are otherwise advised to ask a parent or other carer to purchase a policy on their behalf.

  • 3.My Nikon DSLR is still under warranty, why do I need separate cover?

    While you may get 12 months of cover under a manufacturer's warranty - which covers you for mechanical breakdowns - you won't be covered during those 12 months for accidental damage, liquid damage or theft. Even extended warranties generally don't cover these events.

  • 4.What if the damage caused to my Nikon DSLR is cosmetic but it still works?

    Cover is only provided in cases where the camera is damaged to the point where routine functionality has been lost. If it is dented or scratched, for example, but still work as expected then repair or replacement will not be provided.

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