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Why use Protect Your Gadget?

As a society, it’s probably fair to say that we’ve become a little obsessed by our gadgets. Kindles, iPads, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation… the list goes on.

And when there are so many gadgets under one roof it really makes sense to make sure they are insured. We depend on our tech so paying a little extra every month gives you that all important security to know that your gadgets are covered if you break them, lose them or they are stolen.

Despite their obvious importance in our lives, they seem to come way down in the pecking order when it comes to insurance. But Protect Your Gadget can do just that – if you really value your techy gadgets, we can provide cover for all those ‘oh no’ moments.

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Common Questions

  • 1.What gadgets are included under gadget insurance?

    If it’s a gadget, we’ll cover it.

    • Phones / Mobiles / Smartphones
    • Laptops / MacBooks
    • Tablets / iPads / Kindles / E-Readers
    • MP3 players / iPods
    • Game consoles / Portable game consoles
    • Sat Navs / In-car computers
    • Cameras / Camcorders / GoPros
    • Headphones / Earphones
    • Smart tech / Smart watches
  • 2.Why should I buy gadget insurance?

    Well, just consider the amount of gadgets you own. You’ve probably got a smartphone, laptop, e-reader, iPad etc. And you use them quite a lot every day? So, if they got damaged or stolen, you’d not just be out of pocket but largely inconvenienced too.

    Protect Your Gadget insurance is available to cover you for those annoying moments when things don’t go quite right, whether that’s because you’ve dropped your iPad or you’ve had your mobile phone stolen.

    If you decide to buy insurance for your gadget, there are a range of options available to suit you.

    Cover is available to safeguard your gadget as one item of significant value or you can opt for comprehensive household policies which cover a range of items.

    Protect Your Gadget offers a multi-gadget policy which provide cover for all the other gadgets you own, likes Kindles and iPads.

  • 3.What is multi-gadget insurance?

    Household gadget, multi-gadget and family policies all provide cover for multiple specified gadgets. The gadgets can be owned or used by just yourself, or other members of your family, who live at the same address.

    Multi-gadget policies are ideal for families with children who use their gadgets on school trips, or where the children are students living away from home.

  • 4.How many gadgets are covered with multi-gadget insurance?

    If you want to insure your gadget under the multi-gadget insurance from Protect Your Gadget, you can but the maximum number of gadgets permitted on a policy is 10.

    Simply enter the details of those items you would like covered when you start the quote, and Protect Your Gadget will provide you with range of cover options at varying prices.

  • 5.I think my gadget is still under warranty. Do I need separate cover?

    Most gadgets come with 12 months coverage under the manufacturer's warranty as standard. This covers you for mechanical breakdowns but you won’t be covered for accidental damage or - most importantly - theft. Extended warranties also don't tend to provide for such eventualities either.

  • 6.Who can take out gadget insurance?

    You must be a UK resident aged 18 years or over to take out a gadget insurance policy through Protect Your Gadget. Gadget owners under the age of 18 are otherwise advised to ask a parent or other carer to purchase a policy on their behalf.

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Like what you see? Get a Multi-Gadget insurance quote.

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