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Gadget insurance comparison site, Protect Your Gadget, is warning parents this Christmas to be aware of the insurance implications if you’re planning to buy your child a second hand or refurbished mobile phone.

With the introduction of the iPhone 8 and X this year, the second hand mobile phone market is a good place to pick up older models for a bargain. Most parents won't want to shell out £700 for their child's first mobile, they may be thinking about a second-hand or refurbished phone instead.

But purchasing insurance for refurbished or second-hand phones is different to brand-new handsets. Steve Jones, CEO of gadget insurance comparison site, Protect Your Gadget, provides the following guidance for parents who are planning to buy their children a mobile phone this Christmas:

Make sure you buy through an approved source

Most insurers will only cover handsets if they have been bought through the network provider or manufacturer. This is because buying a mobile phone through a non-authorised reseller is considered more risky in terms of the condition of the phone. So unless you are planning to buy directly from either of these sources, you will struggle to find insurance cover at all.

The proof is in the purchase

Whilst a second-hand or refurbished phone price tag may be an easier pill to swallow in upfront costs, it's worth considering that some insurers will also not cover a handset if it was purchased over a year ago. These timings will vary between insurance providers so it's important that you check the limitations of your policy to ensure that you have the right cover in place. Some may ask for a proof of purchase at the point of sale, or when you make a claim so be sure to ask for proof of purchase from the network provider or manufacturer.

Check your gadget insurance policy for family cover

Some insurers offer to cover all gadgets owned by your immediate family which means you can put all your gadgets under one insurer, but some policies may require all gadgets to only be used by over 18s, so again, it's important to check the policy wording before purchasing.

Don't rely on your home or travel insurance

There is always the option to cover your mobile on your home insurance but these policies will not provide the same level of cover as a standalone policy. For example, it's unlikely that a home insurance policy will provide a replacement handset within 24 hours and most insurance policies won't include cover away from home.

Likewise, with a travel insurance policy, some may not cover any electronic devices at all or only offer up to a certain amount to cover them, for example, one policy provided £500 cover for all devices. It's also very unlikely a second hand device would be covered, especially without a proof of purchase.

A dedicated gadget insurance policy is a sensible option for anyone considering a second hand mobile but unfortunately, the choices are more limited than those for a new phone. At Protect Your Gadget, we are consistently working with our panel to offer more choice for consumers.

You may be happy that your child is old enough for a mobile phone, but accidents can still happen and with policies starting from £6.49p/month*, it may be worth the extra cost for peace of mind.

Gadget insurance is designed to protect against loss or damage to your digital devices. From e-Readers to tablets, sat navs to smart watches, you can find a cost-effective policy which suits your needs through Protect Your Gadget.

* £6.49 is based on a quote from Protect Your Gadget in October 2017 for a refurbished iPhone 4 32GB bought from an approved source.

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