Games Console Insurance Guide

Read our impartial guide to find out the questions you need answers for before you buy a games console insurance policy

Imagine this. You've just taken delivery of the latest FIFA game. You and your flatmate are in the middle of the FA Cup Final when he scores, leaps up and knocks his beer all over your Xbox. The screen goes black. Panic you do not because you've been smart enough to get games console insurance for your favourite toy.

Games console insurance will save you some serious cash should your Xbox or PS4 break down or get damaged beyond repair. Most policies have a quick turnaround time for claims too, meaning you can be back racing through the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County in Grand Theft Auto V before you know it.

Things to consider before buying games console insurance

What does games console insurance cover?

Key policy features for a standard policy should include:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Cover outside of the home (for those who like to head round to their mates')

If you need a more comprehensive policy, Protect My Gadget can help find you one with extra cover such as:

  • Loss
  • Liquid damage

What they typically won't cover you for

Most games console insurance policies won't protect you from:

  • Loss or theft due to carelessness
  • Manufacturer defects or product recalls

Our top tip is always check the policy terms to see what's included in the policy. The last thing you want is to find out you're not covered for loss or theft when you try to make a claim.

Things to look out for when buying a policy

An excess is the contribution you are asked to make towards a claim. There may be different excesses for different types of claim, so check the policy summary to see what they are (we make this information really clear on our policy details pages).

14-day exclusion period
While some policies provide instant cover, others stipulate that you can't make a claim for the first 14 days after your policy starts. Again, this is something we highlight on the quote page and policy details pages.

Purchased in the UK
Some insurers will only insure UK purchased devices, so if you got a bargain on your business trip to the States, you may find you can't get cover for it.

Purchased from auction sites
Gadget insurers stipulate that the device must have been purchased either as new from a manufacturer, network provider or retail outlet (high street or online) OR refurbished and directly from a manufacturer or network provider. If you do make a claim you will almost certainly be asked for details.

Wear and tear
Policies won't pay out for normal wear and tear, or cosmetic damage like scratches.

It's not all about insurance...

For most people the most valuable thing about their device is not the physical device itself but the data that's on it.

Protecting this needn't cost you any money at all.

Ensure that you frequently back up your music, files, photos, videos, contacts and other data. Consider cloud storage options for your data as well as physical backups such as home computers or hard disk drives.

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